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Thank you all for your support of my candidacy for Bountiful City Council. 

Bob Larsen.jpg

"I have worked closely with Cecilee on a grassroots committee that was formed to help promote Trails in Bountiful.  Cecilee is proactive, wise, a great communicator, and a team player.  She just gets things done.  Cecilee was a difference maker on this committee. She would be a great asset on the Bountiful City Council."

Bob Larsen, Founding Partner - Sportsmed Physical Therapy, Chair – Bountiful Trails Advisory Committee

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"I’ve worked with Cecilee Price-Huish on many projects, including clean air initiatives and issues that affect Bountiful’s Main Street. Cecilee is an advocate for local business owners and she wants what is the best for our city. Cecilee is incredibly smart and introspective and she will do a fabulous job on the Bountiful City Council."

Jana Monsen, Owner - Creative Arts Academy Dance Studio


"I support Cecilee for Bountiful City Council. I have served with her in many capacities over the years and she would be an outstanding asset to the council. Cecilee is a forward thinker who is always looking for ways to make Bountiful a better place to live. I have seen how Cecilee works well with others to solve problems and create solutions to community needs." 

Mayor Joe Johnson, Former Mayor – Bountiful City

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"My first encounter with Cecilee Price-Huish was her dropping off her oldest child for kindergarten in my class at Hannah Holbrook Elementary.  For the next 14 years I watched as Cecilee was, and still is, an advocate for education and children. During this time, Cecilee helped the school support technology by determining how to direct trust land monies on the Community Council. She is someone who studies out a problem and then makes things happen. Cecilee is decisive and she is an experienced problem solver. I support her in her decision to run for Bountiful City Council. Cecilee will make an awesome advocate for our beautiful city."

Patrice Holbrook, Veteran Kindergarten Teacher- Hannah Holbrook Elementary 

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"I have the utmost respect for Cecilee Price-Huish.  Cecilee is someone who has worked her whole adult life to help improve the lives of others and to help our community be a better place for everyone.   I trust Cecilee because she is someone who has proven to me many times that she is a person of integrity.  I’m confident that she will make have a significant impact on our city when she is elected to the City Council."

John Robison, Educator, and former NFL Officiator


"As a lifelong citizen of Bountiful, I have a vested interest in the handling and future development of this city that I so dearly love. It is important to me that my city government officials have high integrity, a singular motivation to make Bountiful a better place, and the ability and history of getting involved to make that difference. Cecilee Price-Huish checks all those boxes and more, as well as having the compassion to represent all members of this community. I have seen her champion causes, people, groups, and issues that are important in helping Bountiful to progress forward while protecting and maintaining what has made this such a wonderful place to call home for families, citizens and businesses old and new. Join me in voting for Cecilee…it's a box you’ll be glad you checked."

Tina Nord Schwab, Lifelong Bountiful resident, and neighbor

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"I served on the Lakeview Hospital Board of Trustees for several years with Cecilee. She was absolutely one of the most engaged members I served with. Her questions to understand the issues and opportunities were relevant and helped us all better understand the subject at hand. Cecilee took her responsibility very seriously and I believe she would extend that same commitment to working for the benefit of our city on the Bountiful City Council."

Dr. Curt Stock, MD, Ear, Nose and Throat Surgical Specialist - Mountain West ENT, Former Board Member - Lakeview Hospital

Jill Frasier.jpg

"I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Cecilee Price-Huish through our association both in the community and volunteer work at Safe Harbor Crisis Center.  In addition, she has benefited our community through her Pro bono work helping both women and men leave domestic violence situations and improve their circumstances.  Cecilee has demonstrated her ability to listen to others, solve complicated problems, and work towards helping others lift themselves out of difficult situations.  The skills that I have witnessed are exactly those needed in our community as the city faces new growth, aging infrastructure and the unique challenges that lie ahead for Bountiful City."

Jill Frasier, Bountiful Community Adcovate & Volunteer

Andrew Spratt.jpg

"After working with Cecilee on the Bountiful High School Community Council I've seen firsthand how committed she is to improving this community. She always considers issues from every perspective and seeks to find solutions that work well for everyone. Cecilee knows how to dig deep in order to understand complex situations, and she is a great communicator as well as a listener. I believe she'd make a terrific contribution as a member of the City Council."

Andrew Spratt, Bountiful High Teacher & Vice-Chair Bountiful High Community Council


"When Cecilee sees a need, she jumps in to help! She gives all of her time, energy, talents, and resources to causes big and small. And she has this amazing way of getting her friends to come help too. I know because she’s recruited me to many of her projects from volunteering to support student groups and clubs at Bountiful High School, to serving on Lakeview Hospital’s Board, to supporting outdoor recreation options in Bountiful. She is community-minded and does a great job of gathering people together to figure out solutions and then keeps the group working toward the goal.  I think she will be a great addition to the City Council as we work to preserve and enhance the quality of life Bountiful offers to residents."

Kate Bradshaw, Bountiful City Councilwoman


"Cecilee is someone you want in your corner, specifically Bountiful‘s corner. She thoughtfully advocates with compassion and reason. She is easy to talk to—whether the topic is her legal pro bono work for victims of domestic violence, chatting about kid’s sports, or the latest “hot topic” in Bountiful. Cecilee sincerely wants to know what people think, which always leads to productive conversations followed by action. I am confident Cecilee’s leadership will be a boon to Bountiful. I look forward to voting for her this November."

Millie Segura Bahr, Bountiful City Councilmember

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"I have had the privilege of working with Cecilee in many capacities, and have seen her dedication. She fights for issues that improve the quality of life for every citizen."

Senator Todd Weiler, Utah State Senate

Milli Seguro Bahr

Dr. Christian Bahr

Laura Collier Belnap

Mayor Randy Lewis

Sen. Todd Weiler

Shawn Stringham

Sue Baylis

Dr. Grant Bailey

Camille & Gary Johnson

Jennifer & Randall Cardinal

Alan Mortensen

Shellee Weatley Kariuki

John & Jean Robison

Dan & Brooke Liljenquist

Jeremy & Lisa Barlow

Allen & Autumn Clemons

Mike & Misty Mayfield

Dr. Andrea Edwards

Joe & Lavon Johnson

Beverly Ward

Molly Larsen

Laurie & Nate Leishman

Mary Leishman

Alison & Andy Dodds

Brian & Joyce Smith

Cathy & Pete Olsen

Nannette White

Sasha Butters

Emily Mabey Swensen & Steve Swensen

Dr. Jackie Giannini

Dr. Eric Johnston & Kim Johnston

Becky & Dr. John Edwards

Alvin & Barbara Price

Jim & Linda Clark

Mary Jane & Parker Trowbridge

Tyson Brittany Riesenberg

Julie & Douglas Meredith

Julie Bassett

Justin & Chelsy Parkinson

Cami & Ryan Warburton 

Dan & Chris Lake

Heidi & Kirk Tidwell

Jerilee Jones

Sheryl Allen

David Irvine

Melanie Adams Cook

Chris Sedlacek

Rachel Jones

Scott & Christy Martindale

Bekah & Dave Johnson

Carla & Jeff Olsen

Johnny Barfuss

Brandi Rose

Jennifer & Mike Brooks

Dr. Rhonda Smith

Ashley & James Samsel

Laura Brown

Charish LeFevre

Boon Huish

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