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My Values

Are Bountiful's Values

I am ready to serve Bountiful City by drawing upon my decades of community service and advocacy for issues that improve the quality of life for Bountiful residents. My varied experience and collaborative approach to decision-making promote community-connectedness, and will drive purpose-driven City planning and tax-generating economic development. Bountiful values are my values:

My Vision

  • Responsible use of tax-payer dollars for the advancement and delivery of affordable and sustainable public services, including public safety, maintenance of clean water systems, waste disposal and power generation through Bountiful City Light and Power, including the expansion of renewable energy portfolio partnership;

  • Transparency in taxation and inclusive/open, ethical governance; 

  • Strategic economic development backed by an updated, cohesive and comprehensive city-wide Master Plan, making Bountiful the "City of Choice" for new enterprise, which will add to the City's tax revenues and will keep Bountiful's property taxes among the lowest in Davis County; 

  • Civility and respect in public discourse and civic pride born out of community service and volunteerism; 

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My Mission

  • Robust support of law enforcement and emergency services through funding and training that will attract top recruits, as well as the utilization of community-collaborative policing solutions; 

  • Inclusive design/input for city parks and public green spaces, especially with regard to the new Washington Elementary Park.

  • Long-term planning for the conservation and stewardship of clean air and water resources, as well as waste management solutions; 

  • The strategic maintenance and improvement of roadways and street lights, with an eye toward enhanced and inclusive pedestrian/cycling-conducive infrastructure.

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