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An Experienced Advocate and Leader for YOU

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I am a passionate, “boots on the ground”, proponent for improving the quality of life for residents of Bountiful City. If I see a need or a problem, I roll up my sleeves and get to work – this is a Bountiful value. In my decades of community service in Bountiful, I have found that creative collaboration and fact finding - through listening and communicating with community members and experts - yields the best policies that benefit the most people. Bringing people together to get things done is truly the Bountiful way.


Quality of Life

Purposeful planning for the advancement of “Quality of Life” factors, such as: access to high-quality, inclusive parks, green spaces and trails; top notch city services; low taxes; expanded pedestrian and cycling thoroughfares; safe, well-lit streets, sidewalks and crosswalks; a city-wide fiber plan; and, festivals, the arts, dining and entertainment.


Promote initiatives and partnerships that result in the conservation, preservation and sustainability of our city's valuable natural resources, including culinary and secondary water sources, waste management systems and clean air. Continue to add economically viable renewable sources of power (solar, hydro, wind) to our city's power portfolio.

Economic Development

Continue development of a comprehensive city-wide Master Plan with the goal of drawing new businesses to the city, thus increasing Bountiful's retail and business sector. Dismantle barriers to economic development and aggressively promote Bountiful as the "City of Choice" to own and conduct a business.

Public Safety

Bountiful is ranked the 4th safest City in the state. The City must continue to invest in the talent and type of policing that builds upon accountability and collaborative, citizen-involved approaches to community policing - of which Bountiful City is a model. The city must also continue robust funding and support for the first responders and emergency personnel of the South Davis Metro Fire Service.

Citizen Engagement

The City should be accountable to establish and follow timelines for responses to citizen requests/concerns, as well as zoning change requests and approvals to promote trust and transparency between the City, its residents and local businesses.


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